Consulting with your Project Management Guru

The purpose of a consultation is to provide you with information and insight about your project. Consultation with the Project Management Guru is always done on a confidential basis. If required, I am willing to sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to our discussions.

The Project Management Guru is not a law firm and the consulting advice provided does not constitute legal advice. Contact your attorney if you have any questions concerning legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, or the tax or regulatory impact associated with the selection of strategies.

Consultation options that are currently available:

special Virtual Project Review and Comment

At this time I have a special offer for a quick project* analysis and suggested improvements. I will review your project plan or your current project status and provide an analysis and suggestions. Provide whatever project documentation you have to me electronically. We will have a telephone discussion of the documents (approximately 1 hour). I will analyze the project, provide a list of threats and opportunities to the project based upon the analysis and project management tools and techniques in use. I will also, provide a list of suggestions to strengthen the project plan and the project management approach. The special price for this review is just $1,000.

* There is a project size limitation on this offer. The project must be less than two years in duration, less than 600 tasks and milestones, and less than $20 million dollars budget. For projects that exceed any of those limits, please contact me to determine the price for a virtual project analysis.

  • Consulting by the Hour

    This form of consulting is normally done in a virtual environment. I will discuss your project management issues with you and review any documents or files you send to me. Depending upon your needs I can also provide a written evaluation and suggestions for your project. The time spent in consultation, reviewing documents/files and preparing any reports will be billed on an hourly basis.

  • By the Day

    This form of consultation is normally done on site at your facility. I will travel to your facility and meet with business leaders, project leaders, and project team members to review the current status of the project and to make recommendations. The recommendations are typically delivered on-site in meetings with company or project representatives. In this case travel expenses will be billed to you at cost and the number of days will be billed to you. If a final written report is required after the visit, an additional day will be included in the billing.

  • By the Project

    This form of consulting is based upon you, the customer, defining a specific set of project deliverables that you would like us to provide for you. Examples of recent projects, an assessment of current project management practices and the creation of management policies and procedures to document the practices in use. When the deliverables have been defined, a proposal will be submitted and the price negotiated.

  • Litigation Support

    I have provided litigation support on several occasions including federal proceedings, reviewing project documentation and providing expert witness analysis and testimony. As a seasoned professional with expertise and certifications in project management and product development I am able to assist counsel in determining potential causes of action and potential recoveries. In addition, I have served on industry standards committees for electrical products and was the Chairman of the industry-wide task force charged with developing the standards and certification process for the arc-fault circuit interrupter. I can provide consulting services at all stages of the legal process, from pre-filing to discovery to trial. I can also assist in developing and responding to interrogatories and other discovery requests and critiquing opposing expert analysis and issue reports when needed.

  • Training Programs

    I have a variety of project management training programs appropriate for differing business needs and for differing levels of project management expertise. These coursees and seminars are offered through several venues, through university-based corporate and professional education programs and through independent training organizations.


    Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

    Clemson University, Clemson, SC

    Training Providers

    Product & Process Innovation, Taylors, SC

    Wronski Associates, Chelsea, MA

    China Institute for Innovation, Shanghai, China